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The Kona Specialty of Modern Gourmet Coffee

  Hawaii is known as the perfect sunny holiday destination around the world. Thousands flock to this beautiful island nation every year to enjoy its scenic beauty to the maximum. However, that is not all that modern Hawaii is world famous for. The world’s Hawaiian coffee lovers know that their favorite brew gets an extra special magical taste when it is made from the most beloved Kona coffee.

Finest Gourmet Kona Coffees in the Hawaii Islands

  This four-decade-old festival is proof of the age-old tradition that Hawaii has for delivering to the world some of the finest coffee beans. Hawaii will be holding the 46th annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival this November. We have not missed this Cultural coffee extravaganza 14 years strait, the bustling crowds that descend upon the venue of this cultural event indicate how much the world loves this coffee flavor. We are never more inspired than by your love of our Kona coffee. If you have never tasted modern Hawaii coffee before, you should at least know what makes it so very special, why it holds a proud place in the coffee lovers’ heart across the globe?

The Coffee Beans of incredible Kona Estates

  When it comes to gourmet coffee beans, Hawaii has truly a whole palette of stunning options to offer. Whether it is the world famous Kona coffee beans with special grinds or even the sheer variance in flavor and texture of the coffee grown here, there is simply nothing to match this island nation's coffee beans. In fact, even die-hard Hawaiian coffee drinkers will tell you that there is always likelihood that they will find yet another new flavor of Kona coffee that offers a different taste from their usual brews.

The Extra Fancy of fresh Kona Coffee Beans

  Kona coffee beans come fresh picked from the farms, giving you that magical flavor and aroma that simply cannot be matched by coffee beans that have been stored. It is the sheer fragrance, the heady aroma of fresh from estate coffee beans that makes coffee lovers yearn for their favorite Kona beans rather than any other. The modernized coffee estates in Hawaii are equipped with the latest in machinery and techniques to ensure that the beans are picked, roasted, packed and dispatched globally with minimal loss of the freshness.

Kona Roasted beans are the best Kona beans

  Hawaii’s, Kona coffee estate owners are fully aware of the global status their coffee enjoys; and maintaining this brand and world leading position is on their priority list. This means they spare no expense in ensuring that the quality of coffee beans from their estates is consistently checked by quality control. Meticulous attention is paid to ensure that the best coffee beans are hand picked so that the highest roasting standards are always maintained with respect to quality and taste.

Special Kona Coffee Roasters are in Hawaii

  Kona coffee producers leave no stone un-turned to make sure that they have happy, fully satisfied customers. Offering custom roasting is just one of the many ways in which they go the extra mile to keep Kona coffee on the top of the world’s leading flavors. Particular care is taken at every stage of Kona to ensure this. For example, old ways are often the best ways; the beans are sun dried and then roasted in line with the customer’s preference regarding results.

  Beans from various locations in Hawaii contain different levels of moisture, so, it is important to give extra care and attention while roasting to ensure that the customer’s needs are perfectly met during this process. Coffee bean roasting can be described as an ‘art’ because of the many nuances in taste that can be achieved just by making small variations in the roasting and further processing stages. Kona coffee producers are fully aware of these and they leverage their immense expertise in these areas to deliver outstanding results that have ensured their Kona coffee enjoys worldwide popularity.

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