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Gourmet Kona Coffee is so good you'll be tempted to drive to Hawaii. Enjoy the Best Kona Coffee Beans shipped from Hawaii to your doorstep, no splash required.

Paradise Treasures Kona Peaberry Coffee Beans 1 lb

Treasured Kona Peaberry Coffee
Treasured Kona Peaberry Coffee

Paradise Treasures Kona Peaberry Coffee Beans 1 lb


Our Peaberry medium to dark roast Kona coffee is carefully selected from high value gourmet Peaberry beans

The finest Quality Kona Peaberry Coffee. Foil pouch, resealable with one-way valve to preserve Kona coffee freshness. Peaberry beans only accounts for 5-10% of the total Kona coffee crop and is in high demand.

Bean: 100% pure Kona coffee
Grade: A, Peaberry
Weight: 1 lb / pound
Roast: Medium / dark, beans are more medium than dark.

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