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Toasted Coconut Coffee- LION 10oz lightly toasted coconut

LION Toasted Coconut Coffee 7 oz
LION Toasted Coconut Coffee 7 oz

Toasted Coconut Coffee- LION 10oz lightly toasted coconut


Lion rich coconut flavored, aromatically ground with the best coffee blend and toasted to roaring coconut taste bud popping flavor!

LION flavors roar can be herd echoing as the #1 flavored Coconut Coffee is roasted and toasted to perfection. With LION Toasted Coconut coffee sacrificing flavor is a thing of coffee past. Lion toasts lightly to lock-in the rich nutty roaring coconut flavor you've come to expect from the worlds best and oldest American coffee company. Try LION Toasted and enjoy Lion's favorite coconut flavored morning brew.

Which ever roaring coffee you choose, coffee flavored by Lion will take the guess-work out of great coffee brewing.

Grind Type: Ground coconut toasted

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  A Lion Coffee all time favorite flavored coffee. You will find something very enjoyable about the aroma and nutty taste of our Toasted Coconut Coffee. That satisfying aroma and coconut coffee flavor from lightly roasted coffee beans makes this a very special coconut coffee

Roast Type: Light Medium Roast
Blend Type: International Blend