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Toasted Coconut Coffee Pod Cups - 12 Kona Blend Pods

Lion Toasted Coconut K-cup Coffee
Lion Toasted Coconut K-cup Coffee

Toasted Coconut Coffee Pod Cups - 12 Kona Blend Pods


A Lion Coffee all time top pod cup seller. There's just something special about our Toasted Coconut Coffee pod cups.

A k-cup paired with the light roast that lets the flavor of the beans shine through, our Toasted Coconut coffee pod cups have a delightful aroma and delicious coconut flavor that whispers Hawaii with every pod. Seriously - read the k-cup reviews in our customer's words. A consistent top pod cup seller for good reason!

Now available in a single serve cup.

Roast Type: Light Medium Roast
Blend Type: International K-Cup Blend

Toasted Coconut Coffee pod cups are compatible with most KEURIG® K-CUP® Brewing Systems. Not for KEURIG® VUE®.

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What makes LION Singe Serve Cups different?

Unlike most single serve cups, ours have 11 grams per cup. Most single serve cups contain 10 grams of coffee. 1 gram might not sound like much, but it's 1/2 teaspoon. And shorting your cup by half a teaspoon is like shorting a pot of coffee by 1 1/3 full coffee scoops.

Which explains why so many single-serve coffees taste weak.
They are weak, because they have half a teaspoon less coffee.

And speaking of quantity - we don't put 10 in a box.
Our single serve cups come in boxes of 12. One full dozen.

We may not be the cheapest single serve cups, but we think you'll agree that we're the best tasting. And at $12.95 per dozen, that's only $1.09 per cup for rich, full-bodied coffee you'll love waking up to.

Quite simply, with LION brand single serve cups, you get more coffee.
More coffee in each cup and more cups in each box

It's the flawless smooth finish & subtle sweet taste that you trust LION Coffee to provide. Every single time.

LION® Coffee is not affiliated with KEURIG, INC. KEURIG®, K-CUP® and VUE® are registered trademarks of KEURIG, INC.