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Kona Peaberry Coffee Beans - Organic Kona Coffee 1 lb


Kona Peaberry Coffee Beans - Organic Kona Coffee 1 lb


In 30 years Peaberry Coffee has become the Creme De la creme for Kona Coffee Connoisseurs

Peaberry is found in less than 5% of the our total crop. Because of its rarity, it is always in limited supply and frequently runs out. Peaberry, until recently, was thought to be a defective bean. With its extra smooth taste, this small round bean is now perceived Internationally as the best of the best.

It’s an extremely smooth, full bodied Kona coffee with hints of caramel, citrus, cherry and other fruity notes.

Grind Type: Whole coffee beans
Coffee Type: 100% Kona organic certified

Roast Type: Full city / dark
Bean Type: 100% Pure Kona coffee certified

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