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Kona Coffee is America’s oldest and the world’s best mountain grown coffee.

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Is fine Kona Coffee a unique taste? 

  Talk about Hawaiian coffee and chances are the first thing you hear about is the uniqueness of Kona coffee, a favorite for coffee lovers around the globe. If you are not really a coffee aficionado, you may be wondering what the fuss is all about. After all, coffee is coffee right? It’s just a black brew that lets you stay awake through long nights of doing boring paper work. If that’s what you think, you surely do not want the real, true blue, coffee lovers of the world to hear you say that because coffee come in varied flavors and fragrances, each giving the connoisseur a special burst of euphoria that is unmatched by any other. And when it comes to Kona coffee, this feeling is truly something that you should experience to fully understand.

So what gives Kona Coffee its magical flavor?

  The very first thing that makes the difference with Kona coffee is that it is grown in the most ideal place for coffee cultivation. If you are not familiar with this coffee variety you probably do not know that it comes from Hawaii’s Big Island and it is cultivated in both north and south Kona. The entire Kona Coffee Belt falls within incredibly fertile, cool and green slopes of the Hualalai and Mauna Loa volcanoes. About 60 inches of rain during the wet season makes sure that the plants get plenty of moisture yet the gradient makes sure there is no excess water accumulation that can ruin the plants. The volcanic soil has the rich fertility that lets the beans grow to their optimal best and that is one key reason why Kona coffee is so distinctive.

Kona Coffee has a premium rich Java flavor  

  Kona Coffee is creamy and full bodied which means that a single cup packs a really powerful punch. If you are looking for a morning brew that can wake your brain up and get you into red alert mode for the rest of the day, this is exactly what you need. Connoisseurs say that Kona Coffee has a smooth, medium bodied, balanced and mildly sweet flavor that leaves you tasting the beverage for a long time after your cup is empty. There is just a hint of chocolaty aftertaste which is not in the least overwhelming. The heady fragrance of the coffee only makes the experience all the more special.

Kona is hand-picked with special roasting

  The Kona Coffee Belt has over 600 independent coffee farms and many of these are family owned. That’s good news for you because this means the owners have better control over every aspect of the production process right from the coffee bean picking stage to packaging. The beans are usually handpicked and sun dried, giving you the best beans among the lot and that translates into amazing flavor and fragrance.  

  Since the farms are overseen by owners watching the whole process with a very knowing eye, the roasting is of the highest standards too. That means the beans that arrive at your home are perfectly preserving the flavor right from the time they were picked and prepared and the freshness of the brew tells you this.

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  It is all about pleasing our customers with the freshest Kona coffee and we are happy to prepare the beans just the way you like them. Most farms offer custom grounds and you can tell us if you want to blend in varieties or you want them roasted to a particular temperature etc. It is really cool that you get to decide exactly what your coffee tastes like and this is just one of the many reasons why Gourmet Kona Coffee is simply the best!