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 Ol'Town Kona

The Ol'Man, a master roaster with over 100 hundred years of family roasting experience. The Ol'Man magically infuses more rich real Chocolate, Vanilla, fresh Strawberry, Hazelnut, Coconut and Macadamia Nut flavors into to his Kona using his best old family recipes. It's the special fermentation prep and sweet Kona pulp left infuses the all-natural berries, nuts and chocolate together. Ol'Town Kona Coffee

Jackson Kona Farms

Enjoy an Award-winning Kona farm’s near year round supply of beans offered online that are certified organic or certified 100% pesticide free Kona grown with outstanding flavor and superior quality in every cup. Tantalizing 100% Kona have made Jackson the coffee of choice and perhaps it’s best in this world. Our Kona after grinding, is brewed as a drink prepared from the largest Kona beans of high quality. Coffee from Kona

Farmers Choice Kona

Best Farmer's Kona is raised in rich volcanic soil across the slopes of Mount Hualalai,, receiving beautiful Kona coast sunshine in the mornings and reliable gentle Kona rainfall every afternoon. Handpicked Kona and roasted to perfection, rich and smooth with notes of chocolate.

Hualalai Estate Kona

Hualalai Estate Coffee, named after the mountain on which it grows; started as a hobby of mine on several acres of Kona land. Through contacts I made as a teacher on the island for 31 years, I was able to get my Kona Peaberry into the souvenir sections of stores while still teaching full time. As Hualalai Estate Kona became increasingly popular the stores began requesting to carry my Kona brand online.

Goddess of the Waterfall

Our fans love the tantalizing fresh cupped aroma of roasting nuts bursting with a chocolate river stretching the hot Kona cherry limit to its maximum. Enjoy long slurping mature ripe cherries aged to perfection then toasted slow to peak at just the right time. By custom request we continue to roast your Kona Peaberry cherry to the second and third peaks releasing loads of moisture, leaving Kona oils behind that is best savored with a long tongue.

Black Gold Kona

Natural sun cured golden then our best Kona is Lava Rock roasted slow for unmatched Flavor Lock. Flavor Lock Lava Rock roast adds that extra deep rich flavor of dark with more sealed in oils, translation; More Caffeine, just to make sure you're rocking the finest Kona coffee online. Black Gold Kona Coffee

Big Rock Kona

Maybe you have heard of Amigos Cafe? Don't be surprised if not. It served a small neighborhood just east of Los Angeles. Our Father opened the doors in 1951. He toasted Kona in a simple wok back then. We watched till we were drafted. Dad enjoyed a good conversation so after a few years we took care of most of the Kona. A lot of pressure for a preteen because even then Kona was the most expensive region to buy Peaberry from. Big Rock Kona Coffee

Mulvadi Pure Kona

Mulvadi's 100% Kona direct from the independent Kona farms showcasing their excellence as the original and best fancy roasted 100% Kona or 100% Kona ground. Mulvadi Kona is direct from estates known for excellence in fresh 100% Kona. Extra Fine Kona quality that's online for everyone. Type: Medium to dark.

100% Kona Coffee is the best Tropical Coffee

The coffe plant was brought to the Kona district in 1828 by Samuel Reverend Ruggles from Brazilian cuttings then English merchant Henry Nicholas moved to the area and established Pure Kona as a recognized brand later in the 19th century. The former store and Living History Farm have since become museums.

In other parts of the islands, it was grown on large plantations, but the 1899 world market crash caused plantation owners to lease land to their workers. Most were from Japan, brought to work on sugarcane plantations. They worked their leased parcels of between 5 and 12 acres (49,000 m2) as family concerns, producing large, quality crops.

The tradition of family farms continued throughout Kona. The Japanese-origin families have been joined by Filipinos, mainland Americans, and Europeans. There are approximately 800 farms, with an average size of less than 5 acres (20,000 m2). In 1997 the total area was 2,290 acres (9 km2) and Pure Kona production just over two million pounds.

Growing and processing the best 100% Kona Coffee

Kona Coffee blooms in February and March. Small white flowers known as "Kona Snow" cover the tree. Green berries appear in April. By late August, red fruit, called "cherry" because of resemblance to the fruit, start to ripen for picking. Each tree, hand-picked several times between August and January, provides around 15 pounds of cherry, which result in about two pounds of roasted.

Within 24 hours of picking, the cherries are run through a pulper. They are separated from the pulp and then placed overnight in a fermentation tank. The fermentation time is about 12 hours at low elevation or 24 at higher elevation. The seeds are rinsed and spread to dry on a hoshidana or drying rack. Traditional hoshidanas have a rolling roof to cover them in rain. It takes seven to 14 days to dry seeds to an optimal moisture level of between 10 and 13% (by Department of Agriculture regulations: 9.0-12.0%). From here, the java is stored as "pergamino" or parchment. The parchment is milled off prior to roasting.

Best types of 100% Kona Coffee online

100% Kona Coffee is classified by law according to seed. Type 1 Kona consist of two seeds per pergamino, flat on one side, oval on the other. Type II Kona consist of one round bean in these cherries, otherwise known as peaberry. Further grading of these two types of Kona depends on size, moisture content, and purity of bean. The grades I of Kona is 'Extra Fancy', 'Fancy', '1st', Select', and 'Kona Prime'. The grades of II Kona are 'Peaberry '1st' and 'Prime'. Also, a lower grade, called '3rd' (or 'Triple X') can not legally be labeled as "Kona" but as 'Hawaiian'. Not an official classification grade, but commonly used by Kona farmers, is the Estate grade where the various grades are not being separated from each other. Only the 'Number 3' and 'Off-grade' is being sorted out.

We offer only the truly amazing Kona online. We have brewed and enjoyed each of these Kona coffee brands. These are the best Kona coffee brands we believe you will love! Aloha Friends.