Gourmet Kona Coffee Company

World's Best Kona Coffee Beans, fresh hand picked for You . . .

Gourmet Kona Coffee Company carefully hand picks the best Kona coffee beans from 100% Kona Coffee estates and pure Kona farms.

Solar Of Hawaii – Solar panels & Solar Systems

#1 rated SolarWorld solar panels & #1 rated Outback Solar Charge Controllers at Big Island's #1 rated Solar of Hawaii.

                                                                                                                                     Solar Of Hawaii

Pineapples – Island Fresh Cuisine                            Call: (808) 238-5324

Pineapples is a Hawaiian family-owned and operated restaurant, dedicated to providing Hawaiian fresh cuisine to the east side of the Big Island.

E Komo Mai — we look forward to sharing our Hawaiian Ohana with you.

Easybotics LLC | Educational Robotics                      Call: (707) 861-1117

Our mission is to provide the most innovative educational robotics products to inspire students to participate in the field of robot technology.

Easybot; Brushbot kit, is an educational and hands-on robotic toy that's fun for everyone. Brushbot Kit: Manta Ray and Hawaiian Octopus robots.

Easybotics - Advanced Educational Robotics 

The Fish Hopper - Seafood  &  Steaks                               Call: (808) 326-2002

Experience the beauty of the Hawaiian Pacific Ocean at The Fish Hopper Seafood and Steaks, overlooking Kailua Bay on the Big Island Hawaii.

The Hawaiian-webcam is located sea-side, looks at the Pacific over the Kona sea wall from atop The Fish Hopper restaurantin Kailua Kona, Hawaii.

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