100% Pure Kona Coffee

100% Pure Kona Coffee; Now at Your Doorstep!

Kona Coffee is so gourmet you'll be tempted to drive to Hawaii. Enjoy Pure Kona Coffee shipped from Hawaii to your doorstep, no splash required.

Peaberry Coffee - Black Gold Peaberry Kona Coffee 7 oz

Peaberry Kona Coffee - Ground
Peaberry Kona Coffee - Ground

Peaberry Coffee - Black Gold Peaberry Kona Coffee 7 oz

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Kona Peaberry is the Best kind of Coffee

  Normally the cherry of the coffee tree contains two seeds or beans that develop with flat facing sides, but sometimes only one of the two seeds is fertilized, and the single seed develops with nothing to flatten it. These oval or pea-shaped beans are known as Peaberry.

Peaberry coffees are particularly associated with Kona Coffee although other Peaberry varieties of coffee have also become quite popular.

Bean Type: ground Peaberry coffee

Roast Type: Medium
Blend Type: 100% certified Kona Peaberry coffee

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