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100% Hawaiian - Hualalai Hawaiian Coffee Beans 7 oz

Hualalai 100% Hawaiian Coffee Beans
Hualalai 100% Hawaiian Coffee Beans

100% Hawaiian - Hualalai Hawaiian Coffee Beans 7 oz


Hualalai 100% Hawaiian Coffee - An Exotic Coffee Flavor

  There is a good reason why Hawaiian Coffee enjoys such popularity world around. After all, it offers such an exquisite flavor that coffee lovers simply cannot settle for other varieties once they have tasted this one.

100 Percent Hawaiian Coffee

  The special rich, creamy taste that comes from coffee beans can be attributed to the ideal geographical position of the coffee plantations here.  When you choose 100 Percent Hawaiian, you are opting for coffee that is grown on the volcanic mountain slopes at the Big Island. The immensely fertile soil, the perfect humidity here make sure that the beans grow to perfection. These Hualalai Coffee Beans are then hand picked and custom roasted to deliver the perfect taste and fragrance that puts Kona Coffee on top of the charts for coffee lovers across the world.

Bean Type: Whole coffee beans

Roast Type: Medium - dark
Blend Type: 100% certified Hawaiian coffee beans

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