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100% Pure Kona Coffee Brands are so gourmet you'll be tempted to drive to Hawaii. Shop our pure Kona store brands shipped direct from Hawaii, no splash required.

Kona Coffee Beans Fresh Packs 8 x 1 0z - Big Rock Coffee


Kona Coffee Beans Fresh Packs 8 x 1 0z - Big Rock Coffee


Kona Single Estate Coffee from Kona

The Big Rock still roasts the same great Kona Coffee Beans you have come to expect, only now we drive a few miles to the Kona farms making our beans truly fresh from Hawaii.

8 ounces of Kona Beans in 1 oz. single serve fresh packs.

Bean Type: Single estate whole beans
Roast Type: Medium
Blend Type: 100% Kona coffee

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Kona Coffee has the Best Roast Flavor, Dad Said.

Maybe you have heard of Amigos Coffee House? Don't be surprised if not. It served coffee to a small neighborhood just east of Los Angeles.

Our Father opened the doors in 1951. He roasted Kona coffee in a simple wok back then. We watched till we were drafted. Dad enjoyed a good conversation so after a few years we roasted most of the coffee. A lot of pressure for a preteen because even then Kona Coffee Beans were the best of the best.

Kona, Hawaii Extends Aloha Welcoming the LA Coffee Brothers

Kona Coffee with natural tropical hints of chocolate is a sweeter roast every time. The trick Dad would say is to find the large coffee beans as it generally means they were picked when the cherries were red ripe and plump.

My brother and I assumed operation in 1984 with a few changes. We have roasted Kona Coffee 32 years with the last year in Hawaii. You see because of attempts to limit species interaction around the world, all green, unroasted coffee beans from Hawaii "which includes Kona Coffee Beans" are under quarantine and only roasted Kona or Hawaii Coffee Beans can be shipped off the Hawaii islands.

A Starbucks on every corner and no source for the the highest quality tropical coffee, it was an easy decision. So we loaded up the truck and shipped it to the Big Island of Hawaii.


We want everyone to enjoy the sweet savory taste of slow roasted Kona Coffee.

We have been roasting the best Kona Coffee all these years. You want the best Kona Coffee. We are standing by to roast your Kona Coffee Beans right now!