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The Gourmet bean Lands in Kona

  Gourmet coffee is a part of our daily life and for most of us, imagining a day without the beverage is fairly impossible. In fact, over 2.25 billion cups of the beverage are consumed every single day across the globe. Obviously, it’s a popular brew that practically keeps the world on its feet. But when you chug your morning cup of gourmet Kona have you ever thought about how the ubiquitous gourmet Kona coffee became such an integral and essential dietary inclusion? When you start to trace back when coffee was first used by man, the journey turns out to be quite an interesting one.

The 1st Gourmet Coffee Estate…

  Well, it was a goat herder who gets the credit for introducing us to this amazing beverage, if a popular Ethiopian legend is to be believed.  The story is that the herder, named Kaldi, made the amazing discovery quite by accident. He used to take his flock to graze over the Ethiopian plateau and when the goats grazed at a particular spot, he observed something unusual. They were so energetic that they would not sleep at night. Kaldi decided to pay more attention to what his goats were eating and he discovered that the berries of this particular tree were causing this peculiar effect. He dutifully reported this to the abbot of a nearby monastery and the good abbot promptly tried making a drink with the fruit and found that it had the same energizing effect on him too. Obviously, the other monks wanted to try it too and this is how the news of this energy giving berry started to spread far and wide as the monks grew the berries.

The Arabica Bean and Gourmet Kona Coffee

  From Ethiopia, the word spread to the Arabian Peninsula where the business savvy locals figured that cultivating these beans for trade would be a really smart move. They did just that and this gave a real boost to the prevalence of gourmet coffee to Syria, Persia, Turkey and Egypt. It grew so much in popularity that gourmet coffee houses began to open in the Near East cities and these became bustling hubs for business activities. These gourmet coffee houses developed into a version of the modern day pubs with music and dancing etc and they were the ‘go- to’ place for information, so much so that people started to call these places the ‘Schools of the Wise’.
 It was in the 17th century that Europe got a taste of gourmet coffee and the first reaction by the clergy was to condemn it as the brew from the seeds of Satan. This only died down after Pope Clement VIII gave the gourmet brew his personal stamp of approval! In mid- 1600’s the gourmet brew wound its way to what is known today as New York. Tea lost its place as the gourmet breakfast beverage of choice after the Boston Tea Party in 1773, when the impossibly high taxes forced most to switch to the flavorful gourmet alternative, coffee.  100 years later it found its way to Kona and through great families persevering, became the Gourmet Kona coffee brand you know and love today. The rest, as they say, is Kona history!

Kona Gourmet Coffee is a fresh hand-picked Bean

  Gourmet Coffee cultivation in Hawaii started with fervor after Chief Boki brought the plants from Brazil. Although gourmet coffee was grown in many areas since then, it is gourmet Kona on Big Island that has consistently and sustainably produced a truly gourmet coffee. The Kona gourmet coffee grows on the mountain slopes of the Hualalai which is why it also known as Hualalai coffee. But it was much later, in 1870’s, that Kona gourmet coffee received global recognition when a talented trader won an award for excellence for his gourmet Kona coffee. Today, with a firm reputation for impeccable gourmet Kona flavor and fragrance, Kona gourmet coffee or Hualalai gourmet coffee continues to maintain its position as one of the world’s most preferred gourmet coffee varieties.