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Gourmet Kona Coffee Company carefully hand picks the best Kona coffee beans from 100% Kona Coffee estates and pure Kona farms.

Full City Roast - Perry Estate Coffee Beans 1 lb


Full City Roast - Perry Estate Coffee Beans 1 lb


Perry Estate hand-picks only the ripe cherry several times per year.

Using the traditional method to guarantee the very highest quality product. Perry still sun-dries and hand-washes pulped beans the old-fashioned way. Limited supply! 

100% Certified Kona Coffee beans from Hawaii's Kona Coffee Belt.

Grind Type: Whole bean

Roast Type: Full City
Coffee Type: 100% pure Kona

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We roast only small batches at a time so that the coffee is never warehoused. Our 3 acre family farm in Captain Cook, over one hundred years old, sits in the heart of the legendary Kona coffee country, where it is sun-kissed in the morning and blessed by the light afternoon rains. The high elevation of our farm gives us the best year-round growing.