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Gourmet Hawaiian Coffee Company carefully hand picks the best Kona coffee beans from Gourmet Kona Coffee estates and organic Kona farms.

Sansei French Roast Coffee - (ground coffee) 10 oz

French Roast Coffee - Hawaiian Isles
French Roast Coffee - Hawaiian Isles

Sansei French Roast Coffee - (ground coffee) 10 oz

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Sansei's French roast coffee is part of our Island Chefs Signature Series.

A special dark-roasted Kona coffee blend for D.K. Kodama of Sansei's Seafood Restaurand & Sushi Bar. A great straight-forward fully roasted smooth cup of coffee.

Hawaiian Isles coffee blends uses Kona Coffee beans grown on the Big Island's Kona Coast where nature's elements combine to form perfect coffee growing conditions throughout the year. We blend this rich coffee with the finest arabica beans from around the world to bring you a truly unique Hawaiian gourmet taste.

Hawaiian Isles Coffee's Dark Private Reserves is also available in other blends.


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